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Taekwondo Moncton

General Rules


  1. Bow when entering and leaving Dojang.
  2. Bow to Black Belts individually as a show of respect.
  3. Black Belts will bow in return (acknowledgement) as a show of courteousness.
  4. Keep finger and toenails trimmed neatly (safety).
  5. Have uniform and training gear clean and fresh.
  6. No jewellery, watches or gum chewing.
  7. Always speaks in a respectful and polite manner.
  8. Courteous, polite and mindful of the spectators.
  9. Will always address Instructors as Sir, Mam, or by title. (Mister/Mrs./Master)
  10. Respects the Dojang and training equipment by keeping it clean and neat.

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