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Taekwondo Moncton

Time Line

There are a total of ten testings from White to Black belt. This process is on an individual basis and does not have a specific time line. Students will be evaluated for a promotion test based on a certain number of hours trained. As the skill sets are attained, a promotion test will be suggested. The minimum time a student may achieve Black Belt is three years. (there is no maximum)

Hours of Training

Your "trained hours" will accumulate on a card you personally fill out as you enter the gym each class. When you have accumulated enough hours, you will receive an evaluation on your requirements that will clearly show what to improve on, or, that you are ready to test. This evaluation will be printed on the back of your card for easy access.

Included in promotion

  • Belt or Stripe
  • Certificate of achievement
  • Requirements for their next level
  • Appropriate equipment to their belt level

  • The training equipment is mandatory for safe, injury free training. With this cost effective format, all students will accumulate the appropriate gear for their specific level. Taekwondo is first and foremost a kicking sport. In order to enjoy all benefits of this great art, you must practise safe. For example: many people play in the Old Timers Hockey league, and they wear helmets, pads, and skates. The equipment is for all students' safety, and not just for the competitors.

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